The Policies of Newswire21

Contributors, publishers, readers, visitors and others using Newswire21, also known as Newswire21.org, are advised of the following policies, which may be altered at any time without further notice at the sole discretion of this organization’s management.

It is the mission of Newswire21.org is to blend the passion of citizen reporters with the best practices of professional journalists.

We spell out our editorial standards and regulations on our web site and require that all contributors strive to adhere to them. Any contributors who fail to do so may be suspended from at the sole discretion of the Editor in Chief.

Our editorial policies apply to anyone or any organization who submits any content to Newswire21, including comments or any unsolicited material, whether or not they have signed any agreement with Newswire21.

Visitors are encouraged to become participants in Newswire21, but do so entirely at their own desire and accept any and all risks, real or perceived, that may ensue from such participation. The site’s management intends to make reasonable efforts to assure high standards, but assumes no liability resulting from the use of Newswire21.org.

Original content contributed specifically for use by Newswire21.org in any form and through any action, including but not limited writing, editing, photography, artwork, video recordings, audio recordings, software or creative design, is contributed with the express understanding that it will, upon submission, become the property of Newswire21, which will hold full title and copyright to such content upon submission, including the right to distribute the content to subscribers with the expectation that such subscribers will republish stories, photos, video and audio content on the Internet and/or in other media in accordance with the mission of Newswire21.

Copyright work provided to Newswire21 by other publishers retains the rights of the original publisher which grants Newswire21 the express right through the action of submission to publish and distribute said work to Newswire21 subscribers for further publication in any media without expectation of payment to the original publisher.

Nobody may use any content published on Newswire21.org or distributed by Newswire21.org without the express permission of Newswire21.org. Newswire21.org reserves the right to charge third-party users for use of such content. Any unauthorized use of the content published by Newswire21.org is strictly prohibited and violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of U.S. and International law.

Newswire21.org operates as a sponsored project of MarinLink, which is recognized under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code of the United States as a nonprofit organization. Donations to Newswire21.org are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Visitors who contribute to Newswire21’s forums, comment areas or other products, whether directly to Newswire21.org or through any of its subscribers, are solely responsible for their submissions. All submissions become copyright property of Newswire21 upon submission and may be published, edited or withdrawn at the discretion of the editorial staff inkeeping with the site’s editorial policies.

Contributors who engage in misconduct, including, but not limited to, articles that could potentially be viewed as obscene, libelous, fallacious, or otherwise in flagrant opposition to the expressed principles of Newswire21 may be restricted from publication at the discretion of the Editor in Chief. Any visitor who damages the site may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law of the United States or under International Law.

All designs and technology found on Newswire21.org, including by not limited to the names Newswire21 and Newswire21.org, and the company's logo, are covered by U.S. and International copyright and/or trademark protections. No use of any such design or technology is permitted without express prior written consent from the Executive Director of Newswire21.org.