Meet Our Staff


Tom Murphy, Founder and Editor-in-Chief
He has more than 30 years experience at The AP, Bloomberg News,, Montgomery Research, and He's the author of "Web Rules: How the Internet is Changing the Way Consumers Make Choices."

Pamela A. MacLean, Legal Editor
She has a quarter-century of staff experience with UPI, the San Francisco Daily Journal, and the National Law Journal. She's written for, San Francsico Magazine, California Lawyer, She is also editor and publisher of

Ronnie Lovler, International Editor
She has worked as a correspondent for AP, CBS and CNN, reporting from every country in South America. She sits on the International Committee for the Society of Professional Journalists. She is currently on sabbatical as the Knight International Journalism Fellow working on a crowd-sourcing project in Colombia.

Cecily O'Connor, Contributing Editor for Business
She has more than a decade experience as a reporter with Crain Publications, and

Nahmyo Thomas, Staff Writer
She has written for the World Federalist Society and She holds degrees in Political Science and International Relations from UC Santa Barbara and the University of The Netherlands.

Steve Caramia, Designer
He designed the Newswire21 logo and many other elements of what you're seeing on our web site. Steve operates his own design firm and can be found through


Mary O'Mara, President, MarinLink
Nancy Boyce, Founder of MarinLink is a 501(c)3 that acts as fiscal sponsor for and other socially beneficial nonprofit organizations.

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