Help Report the News

We all need reliable information to make good decisions.

Now you can help report the news in your community.

Newswire21 is a nonprofit news network that helps citizen-reporters share important community news that otherwise won’t get reported. The topics can include schools, health care, transportation, emergencies, art, major crimes – almost anything that people need to know about their community.

Newswire21 provides guidelines and online tools to help you report the news. We’ll help edit your stories and get them to web sites, newspapers, radio and TV stations, and other news media so that your news will reach a broader audience.

All the “citizen reporters” need is access to a computer, basic writing skills and the passion for sharing balanced news with their neighbors. The rest is easy.

What Do Citizen Reporters Do?
Citizen reporters share news from their communities, taking care to include different points of view. For example, parents might write about a decision affecting their schools after speaking with people for and against the proposal. Once you submit the story, our editor will work with you to refine it.

Getting Started
To get started, please email us at and tell us what you’d like to volunteer. Once approved, you’ll work with an editor at Newswire21 to cover news in your area. We hope you’ll become a long-term contributor, but your efforts are completely voluntary and you may stop at any time.

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